Juicy Chemistry Frankincense & Hemp Seed Serum Review

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It’s been a while since my last blog post. So here I am back with another post. Today I’m reviewing a serum from the most talked brand of these days – Juicy Chemistry. Juicy Chemistry was co-founded by Pritesh & Megha Asher in 2014, with a goal to provide effective skin care products formulated with the purest and the most nutrient rich ingredients the nature has to offer. Their each product is handcrafted with the finest local produce and organic essential oils. ❤

After going through all the products on Juicy Chemistry website, I tried their Frankincense & Hemp Seed Serum which claims to help with acne and as I have acne prone skin and I suffer from unexpected breakouts. To deal with that I was looking for some herbal products when I came across Stop The Spot Serum from Juicy Chemistry. As it 100% herbal therefore it is safe to use. Moreover it consist of all the essential oils which are necessary for the skin. I bought it with great hope. ❤ [It was previously known as Stop the Spot Acne Control Serum.]

I started using Juicy Chemistry Stop the Spot Acne Control Serum almost two months back but now I have finished this serum actually, so I can definitely tell you the pros and cons of this product. So here goes my Juicy Chemistry Stop the Spot Acne Control Serum Review for you all. ❤

PRICE : Rs.550
QUANTITY : 10 ml (also available in 30 ml)
PACKAGING : Dusky glass bottle with a sturdy dropper
COLOUR : Yellow
DIRECTION OF USE : Apply directly on the spots every night or massage a few drops onto skin if your skin is acne prone.
Tea tree essential oil, jasmine essential oil, rosemary essential oil, clove essential oil, turmeric essential oil, neem essential oil, argan oil, grapeseed oil, sandalwood essential oil, frankincense oil, peppermint oil.
This serum is a spot-fighting superhero. It is jam-packed with acne-fighting and skin-healing ingredients like jasmine, sandalwood, tea tree, neem, clove, turmeric, peppermint, and frankincense oils. This magical elixir targets infection at its root and also promotes skin rejuvenation. It minimises acne-scars and doesn’t strip moisture from the skin. Spots begone! ❤

Juicy Chemistry Frankincense & Hemp Seed Serum is an organic formulation and safe for all skin types. The serum takes some time to show its effect as in the first week, it didn’t show any result. But I applied it for 2-3 weeks regularly ,then I started noticing changes in the my skin texture. ❤ I was completely amazed by its result. The biggest change I saw was in my acne scars, they were completely gone like the lighter ones have completely faded away even the dark ones had faded to an extent. Not only this, but it has done a world of good for my skin overall. My face was more even toned, radiant and supple. ❤ And the best part about this serum is, it is 100% natural, no chemicals added. ❤
All skin types can use it round the year, but if you have extremely oily skin, you can use the serum as a spot treatment. Plus because of the color of this serum, it cannot be used during the daytime. Apply it during the night time before going to bed. ❤

Easily available online
100% natural and chemical-free
Needs 2-3 drops per use
Makes skin healthy, soft and glowing
Doesn’t makes skin oily
Quickly absorbed by the skin
Packed with essential oils which work wonders for skin
Sturdy dropper
Easy application
Mild herbal smell

Leaves a prominent yellow tint on the skin
Shelf life not mentioned


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Hope the week is going well for you all. ❤

Today I will be reviewing a unique product which I received few days back called PEESAFE – a toilet seat sanitizer spray which will make your everyday life germ free and hygienic. ❤ The product kills 99.9% of infection causing germs within 5 seconds. It sanitizes, cleanses and deodorises, ensuring a complete hygienic protection. ❤


Availability on website:  http://www.peesafe.in/

Product claims :
Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray ensures a 99.9% germ-free and insta- safe toilet experience.
Clean, deodorizes, sanitizes, so you, and your children, can feel confident while using public toilets.
Pee Safe consists of a rubbed IPA formulation which starts action within 5 seconds of the spray.
One can of Pee Safe offers 150* sprays.
Its sleek handy design makes it ideal for anytime usage.

Why to use Pee safe?
PeeSafe a toilet seat sanitizer kills 99.9% of infection causing germs within 5 seconds. It Sanitizes, cleanses and deodorises, ensuring a complete hygienic protection.
Pee Safe Toilet Sanitizer Spray comes in a metal bottle with all the desired instructions written on it. The bottle is light in weight, travel friendly and easy to use.

How to use it?
Just hold the spray can around 3-4 inches away from the toilet seat.
Shake the bottle well and spray.
Wait for five seconds.
The disinfected seat is ready to use. ❤


-Easy to use
-The price is reasonable.
-Smells nice.
-Travel friendly, with a sleek design, you can carry it in your bag or pocket.
-Kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria that are present on the toilet seat.
-Dries quickly

Cons :


Guys lets get together and make public toilets safe and hygienic with PEESAFE. ❤
I hope this review and post was helpful to all those reading. Please leave a comment with your inputs and new visitors may leave their blog links for me to check out.


Sirona pain relief patches


Having (monster)menstrual cramps, which are a total pain, is one of the most common, annoying parts of your period. And with all the pain, discomfort and cramping, all you really want to do is lie down, relax and let the pain just vanish. While there are a number of painkillers you can have to help get rid of the pain, but instead of taking meds you can try something natural because it might not always be the best thing to do for your body. Having (monster)menstrual cramps, which are a total pain, is one of the most common, annoying parts of your period. And with all the pain, discomfort and cramping, all you really want to do is lie down, relax and let the pain just vanish. While there are a number of painkillers you can have to help get rid of the pain, but instead of taking meds you can try something natural because it might not always be the best thing to do for your body. 


So for those who dont want to rely on painkillers to help get rid of the pain, here is a new herbal remedy to ease the pain and discomfort and that can work wonders – sironaindia pain relieving patches. These patches are 100% herbal with no side effects. (An ayurvedic formula which lessens period pain and cramps instantly.)


Sirona pain relief patch are 100 percent herbal patches and are the must for women during those monthly troublesome days. These relief patch works on the simple formula, it relaxes the muscle and provides discrete, continuous and non-messy relief from pain and muscle cramps. It is recommended in pain in the lower abdomen or lower back and during cramps.



Menthol (Satva Pudina) & Eucalyptus oil

Menthol and Eucalyptus oil – help provide Instant relief from muscle pain, inflammation, gastrointestinal difficulties and bloating.

 Price – 292 for price of 5 patches

Product claims:⦁ Provides pain relief⦁ 100% herbal⦁ No side effects⦁ Instant relief⦁ It can be used on the lower abdomen or lower back.⦁ It has herbs like Eucalyptus oil and menthol.

Available exclusively on





Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great day.
Today, I’m sharing one of my favorite trends that I love every summer: “white dresses” which is not just trending, but have the ability to make you feel fresh, effortlessly pretty and summery. ❤


Maxi dresses are a key part of a classic summer wardrobe; they’re perfect for holidays or small gatherings and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. ❤ They’re so fresh, chic and easy to style for summer soirees! I love boho white flowy maxi dresses with lace or crochet detail the most, but there are so many different styles of these type of dresses you can rock from sleek and sophisticated to effortless and boho. The one I’m wearing in today’s post is from Sarojini Nagar and was of 200bucks only, which was such a great steal for a beautiful cotton maxi dress. ❤ I paired this one with a white shrug and a floral crown (I’m totally ‘obsessed’ with floral headpieces). ❤


As always, thank you so much for stopping by! I greatly appreciate it!!


xoxo, Priya



I love love love maxi dresses. They are so ❤ and are so much more casual and comfortable than any short or bodycon dresses. I feel comfortable wearing maxi dresses to any occasion. Plus there are also a million things to wear a basic maxi dress with. ❤
Recently when I went to Sarojini nagar to check out some junk jewellery collection, I found this dress! ❤ The moment I saw it, I started to think about how many different ways I could style it. The fabric is so soft and cool and it is easily one of the most comfortable dresses that I own. A dress that I can mix and match with tons of existing items in my closet. A dress that cost 100rs. (Happy dance ) ❤

And when I first put on this maxi dress, I knew I’d be living in it from now on. I am so obsessed with this dress. I’m talking about the ultimate comfy maxi dress that also happens to be so cute, versatile and the lightweight material allows for easy non-bulky layering.
NO Seriously! Here simply switching out the one clothing item made two completely different looks!


Style 1 – For the first look, taking a more casual approach, I styled the dress with an ankle length lime green legging and tied a knot at the bottom of the dress. Added same color of lime green tassel earings and silver glittrey shoes to make the colors really pop.

Style 2 – The second look is a little dressier. Paired the dress with a red vero moda shrug and red layered tassel earings. 


(Excuse the quality of these photo…the settings on my camera were totally gone shit and these were the best shots (If you can believe it, the other shots were even more grainy and blurry!) 

Have a wonderful day, y’all! Thanks so much for spending some time with me!

Fusion fashion

“The perfect matching accessory for your saree is not the jewellery but your smile.”


Sari is one outfit, which can instantly add the glamour quotient to your personality. It makes a women look beautiful yet graceful all at the same time. ❤


The Indowestern fusion has been one of the biggest and most versatile fashion trends, ever since it started yearssss ago. And the beauty of fusion fashion is that the possibilities are limitless, and practically nothing is wrong! Like there are many different innovative and beautiful ways of wearing a sari, which can give you the oomph look. ❤


While the saree on its own is elegant and traditional, there is no harm in styling up the attire a little bit so for this look I teamed my green chiffon saree with this ultra chic white off-shoulder top (You can also team it with chic blouses, crop tops, t-shirts, shirts, long jackets and waistcoats) to give my saree look give an edge. ❤ For me brights colour schemes work the best, so I chose this beautiful vibrant green colour chiffon sraee which I bought from a local market in Lucknow and was of 150rs only. (*Happy dance*). And the crop top is from an instagram store (lille by ruthie). Traditionally, a saree is draped over a petticoat but I draped the saree over leggings. You can also drape it over you palazzo or jeans. ❤



Pink hot lips and soft curls in this look, along with the color of the saree, which besides being beautiful and classy, is also extremely breezy and comfortable, makes the whole look perfect for spring and summer! ❤


Kept the accessories minimum here but you can team it with some tribal silver accessories or simple pearls or gold studs for the evening party or a casual outing. Completed my fusion look by white pumps.19598783_1484210718310484_4658547993688628440_n

Hope you liked the post. I would love to hear your comments. ❤


JUST DO IT : Mixing Prints: Florals + Plaids

Hi there, beautiful people!
Sorry I know I’ve been MIA from blog these past few days..BUT I was in desperate need of a longgg holiday and a break from my laptop! ❤

Mixing prints is a new trend we can’t ignore and it’s one of my absolute favourite trends this fall– regardless of whether it’s mixing plaids with florals or polka dots with stripes, or mixing plaids with brocade print, I have been obsessed! ❤
So to go along with some spring trends, I decided to mix up the plaid print with some florals.



The plaid dress I’m wearing is from sarojini nagar and is super ADORABLE! Especially when paired with this cute floral top which is also from sarojini nagar ( Both 100rs).





I topped off my look with brown boots, by Carlton London! These brown boots have been my fav, and I plan to wear them until the weather makes me stop! 😛 They are a bit over, but if you find a pair that fits great and you wear them often then sometimes it’s worth it. ❤19059123_1463780087020214_4795432132315557721_n
This bag is one of my favorites from Koovs, but, unfortunately, it is no longer available.

Have you tried mixing prints yet? What prints do you like to mix together? I would love to hear about your pattern mixing experiences , in the comments. ❤